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Magic Love Slot Machine HD v5.0.5

Love is in the air!! Give your Love Life a Spin with Magic Love slot machine HD. A slot machine game designed for Lovers.
Magic Love slot machine HD has been designed from the ground up to appeal to all the real slot machine lovers. The game is setup in Lovers Paradise where players will spin the tiles on the Vegas-style slots machines to check their Love life score.

Slot Machines HD v7.0.5

Engage in the Battle Between ROBOTS and Monsters to take over the Universe by Winning on the Robot Slots. Slot machine HD is an innovative Android Slots App that will digitize your casino gaming experience on your Android powered device.
Slot Machines HD is one of very few slot machines that use the latest in graphics processing abilities and this stunning 5-reel, 9-line fruit machine game will keep you wondering who will win the day? Robots or monsters?

Pirate Slot Machine HD v5.0.5

Rule the Seas with Pirate Slot machine !!!Slot machine Game designed for eager casino games fans. Pirate Slot machine will transport players to a Pirate-ruled Ship where Players will try their luck on Vegas-style Slot machine to beat other Pirates to Capture their ships & Gold.
Pirate slot machine HD is a perfect Android Slots game that will engrossed players for hours.

Jokers Wild Slot Machine HD v5.0.5

Experience slot machine gaming in the famous Jokers wild Vegas casino with Jokers Wild slot machine HD and re-live the memory of the highly popular joker themed TV series.
Jokers wild slot machine HD is designed with the theme of a famous British comedy game show, Joker’s wild. Spin the Tiles and see your player standing out as a winner on the famous Joker’s Wild comedy show.

Christmas Slot Machine HD v10.0.5

Celebrate Christmas with Santa by Winning on Christmas Slot machine HD!!! An Android slots game designed solely for Christmas and its festivity!!
This high-definition slot machine game is being launched with plenty of time before Christmas! You can challenge your friends to see who can get the highest score in the main slot machine game and then post your score to Facebook so that they can see you topple their score!

Lucky 7 Slot Machine HD v7.0.5

This high-definition slot machine game has been built from the ground up to appeal to all the real slot machine lovers out there. Lucky 7 is infamous for being a classic slot-machine game and this new high resolution game will let you compete against your friends to see who can have the highest score. You can then, using your luck, post your high score to Facebook and claim bragging rights as the Lucky 7 champion.

FairyLand Slots v2.8.5

Explore the Fairy land with the Fairyland slot machine game, an Exciting and addictive slots game designed for Android casino games fans. Fairyland Slots will transport players to a Fairy Tales world where animated characters will guide them to Win Big on Vegas-style 5-Reel slot machine. Players will see animated tiles spinning with Fairy world characters on them, shinning and bright. Fairy Slots is an innovative Android slots game with High-Definition graphics.

Island Slots v2.7.5

Slot machine App designed with an exotic island theme that will transport you into a beautiful Island where you can try you luck to Win unlimited virtual money and Gold to explore the Islands. Island slots is an innovative and an exciting Casino game that allow players to Play slots as if they are playing in a real-life Casino located on a beautiful Island.

New York Slot Machine HD v7.0.5

Play Slots in the trendy Casino’s of the New York City. This mobile casino game is designed with New York City Theme and allows players to try their luck on the chic Slots of the City by playing online casino game. New York Slot machine HD is designed with High-Definition graphics and allows players to Win unlimited and Play against other New York casino Lovers. LeadBolt Free version will now enable players to enjoy uninterrupted New York Style gaming.
Slots for Yankee's.